7 Apps for Self Improvement

The road to self improvement and self betterment can be long and arduous, but with a little commitment and with the help of some of these apps and websites, you can try to improve some of those daily habits;

irunurun - Alternativemindsets recommendation
irunurun – Alternativemindsets recommendation
  • HabitRPG – Keep yourself on the right track with this app that turns your life into an RPG where you earn gold by doing your daily tasks.
  • Chains.cc – Helps you improve your habits by tackling one day at a time. It is a popular way of tackling change and habits and can also be used for positivity.
  • HabitBull – Keep track of a number of habits by breaking the old ones and building on the newer better ones. (Only on Android)
  • Habit List – Similar to HabitBull but for iPhone.
  • irunurun – With a focus on recurring behaviours, this app looks to create a routine in your positive behaviours.
  • Pomodoro Challenge Timer – This app is about is challenging you to work harder at work and change your habits. This is a subject we will be exploring more in further months as to be happy at work means you are more likely to be happy at home.
  • Wunderlist – A list maker, but it helps you capture ideas and is a place for you put a note about all the things you’d like to. Great for writing about your aspirations.

Many of these apps will look to put pressure on you to achieve your daily tasks, they can do so through encouragement through crowds and by sharing across social media. Do you have any tips for gadgets for self improvement?

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