Do Unto Others Before they Do Unto You

Capitalism and competition and our innate need for more than what we have is what is built into our biology. Since our early cavemen days of hunting for food and fighting for shelter, we have selfishly held onto our assets with very minimal worry about how others are affected.

Greed is a survival tactic in our current society and that is what is causing there to be a huge disparity in the distribution of wealth and leaves us fighting a huge on-going conflict between what is moral vs what is legal vs what we need. And these problems are only multiplied the more powerful you get.

A competition-based society is all about doing unto others before they do unto you. The more ruthless and grasping you are, the more you “win”. Except, we all recognize that it’s wrong and immoral to slaughter babies for money (or rather, let babies die because they have none) and other horrible activities so we then try to make “laws” to force sanctions for people and countries to behave in the diametrically opposed way to what a competition-based approach demands.

So you have an innate, built-in requirement to be a greedy scumbag, and an externally imposed “ban” on being a greedy scumbag.

Obviously things don’t work out. They can’t, not when society and the ruling classes are at war with itself. It just so happens the more that you have, the more you can fight these laws and sanctions.

Really, there are just two ways to go – either we stop caring about the suffering of others and go all out on the competition, let the sharks eat the minnows and go with “every man for himself”, or we retool to a cooperation and sharing-based approach to society where giving everyone a good life of freedom and guaranteed access to resources no longer even requires laws to try to make people act in ways that are entirely conflicting with how society actually functions.

A law or ban is in itself an admission that you’ve failed to solve the problem and just go, much like a beleaguered parent “because I said so, that’s why!”

Change starts within ourselves and if ideas and memes of positivity and caring could spread as easily as a celebrity nipple slip, we might one day be able to fix the world and all the problems therein.