How Home Automation is Turning Us Into the Jetsons By Guest Author Tim Smith

Even for a fictional cartoon family, the Jetsons seemed to have it all: a robotic maid, impossibly thin televisions, video calls, favourite foods at the push of a button. Watching with wide eyes and a heavy heart, never in our wildest dreams could we imagine living in a Jetsons world. However, it would appear that there’s not much left the Jetson family had that we don’t have today in one form or another. Home automation technology is quickly bringing us into the future and the smart home revolution shows no sign of slowing down. Here’s some home automation tech that’s turning us into the Jetsons.

A Modern Robotic Maid

Via Pretty Organized
Via Pretty Organized

It may not be the conversationalist or the sarcastic nurturer that Rosie was for the Jetson family, but we do have a robotic maid in the iRobot Roomba, the automated robotic vacuum cleaner. Like Rosie, Roomba isn’t a tool you use to clean like a broom or a mop. Set Roomba on a schedule or push the “Clean” button and let Roomba do what Roombas — and Rosies — do best. There’s no need to worry about keep Rooma charged because it docks itself to charge when the job is done. Plus Roomba alerts you whenever the bin needs cleaned out. We can only hope that future versions will be able to change diapers and do laundry too. Click here for more info on the best robot vacuums available!

Jetson-Like Electronic Doors

We might not be at the point of having doors in our homes that automatically open and close as we approach, but we’re ebbing ever closer. Our current technology affords us remote control of our doors’ deadbolts. Electronic deadbolts like the Kwikset Kevo and the August Smart Lock allow you to lock or unlock your door from anywhere via the app. Instead of a standard key, your smartphone becomes an electronic key, or eKey. While it’s not quite the same level of automation as the tubes and automatic doors that we saw George Jetson use as he came home from work, the automated door locks available now are certainly a step in that direction.

Futuristic Smart Fridge

The Jetson family had a fridge of sorts, but instead of storing ingredients they’d hit a few buttons and out would pop their desired confections. We’re not quite to that level of technological sophistication — though at the rate that our technology is advancing, it probably won’t be long — but we do have something that admittedly far less satisfying.

The most recent models of smart refrigerators not only store food, but are aware of what foods they store. Whether you’re interacting with the accompanying app or the 8-inch touchscreen embedded in the door, smart fridges like the Samsung 4-door smart fridge can tell you how fresh your produce is, whether you’re due to buy another gallon of milk, and what ingredients you need to pick up for tonight’s dinner. Although access to social media and apps like Pandora come as a standard, the advanced smart fridges of our time have some incredibly advanced, convenient features despite falling short of Jetsons-level functionality… for now.

Home automation is without a doubt the future! Click here to get more ideas and inspiration from the home automation idea section!