Super Healthy Equals a Positive You

Yes, we’ve all read the countless celebrity tips and tried their diet fads on how to look younger and sexier – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to feel good on the inside too.

Often with such diets you can feel worse mentally if anything, due to the radical change in food intake or over supplementing in one particular food group. Although you may lose weight, you may notice you don’t FEEL any better – and after all isn’t that the point? What’s the point of looking like Britney Spears if you don’t feel as positive and happy as her?

It all starts from the inside out. If you want to start looking better, you’re going to have to start feeling better as well.

Below we have highlighted a few tips to help you on your way to a more “positive thinking” you. We’re starting from the ground up, so make sure you have the patience and time to let your body repair and rejuvenate itself – you’ll be happier and it will be worth it!

Eat Better

It’s no good starving yourself all day or living off the bear minimal. As mentioned previously this may help you lose weight but it will start to affect your health as time goes on. Headaches, muscle pains, mood swings and dehydration are all effects from fad diets that are just not healthy for anyone.

The aim should be to be healthier not to be slimmer – as if you really concentrate on being healthy the weight loss will go hand in hand. Make sure you are eating three square meals a day that consist of all the major food groups and get down as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you possibly can. Not only will you look better but you will begin to feel better on the inside too, which will only add to your happiness levels!

Here are some great resources to help eating;

Childrens Food Trust – Help in ensuring kids get nutritional foods

Eat This Much – Help in automating your diet with free meal plans and guides

Exercise smart

Be honest with yourself – if you’re not used to exercising start off slow as if you push yourself to hard at first you won’t enjoy the exercise and will be more inclined to give up.

Try things like a gentle jog around the park for 10 minutes with the dog, as time goes by build that up to include some running with an increase in time. You’ll soon bring your body up to speed and be able to take on another activity. After a few weeks you will begin to notice the difference in your health and also your mood overall.

There are some great resources out there to look at improving your exercise regime, everyone is different so keep look at official guides for your specific needs or speak to a personal trainer.


Positive thinking as we mentioned in the beginning really starts from the ground up and meditation is a wonderful way to really relax ones soul and whole being. Whatever little stresses or daily niggles you may have, you can always take 15-30 minutes a day out for yourself and let all that worry just dissolve away.

You may find it silly at first, but just lying in a quiet room before work and concentrating on your breath will have you feeling centered and on track for the day ahead.  Try it for 2 weeks and you’ll see the difference.