Unemployment is a dirty word.

You don’t work hard enough.

You are lazy.

You have no desire and aspirations.


These are the themes we are treated to on a daily basis, forced down our throat by corporations to make us work longer hours. Longer hours toward a goal that is not our own.

Every our you spend working is working towards someone else’s aspirations.


We are a complex society and why is it that so many ours of our waking lives are spent repeating tasks.


George Carling (R.I.P) said it best;

Unemployment is a dirty thing to be, but eventually, shouldn’t we just…enjoy ourselves? And I don’t mean when we’re 65 years or older. People SHOULDN’T have to work so much to have an enjoyable life, that’s just the way the world is right now, but why not try to change it at least a little? Could you imagine what the world would be like if 20 hours a week at work was considered ‘killing it’? What you would do with that time with your families, with your own ambitions?”

There are theories such as Guaranteed Basic Income that look to allow this. Giving every human an income enough to survive upon, then what you do above that is up to you. There are a lot of advocates and a lot of futurology theorists that talk about this as a necessity for progression as a species.


Being unemployed isn’t a sin, it doesn’t dictate who you are as a human. As long as you have aspirations and you make steps to achieve those aspirations, the rest can provide for itself.

Until society shifts and people realise the benefit they can give to their communities then I feel we will be doomed to continue working the 40+ hour weeks toward pointless endeavours.

Until next time, don’t work too hard.