What Is Futurology?

When trying to find a futurology definition, it is summed up quite briefly as the systematic forecasting of the future, especially from present trends in society.

By using data and past trends, futurologists predict what is possible, probable and preferable in the short term future and looking further head tens, hundreds, and even thousands of years into the future.

It is the process to map what the future may look like.

A very appealing subject, we all want to look to see what is in store for us in our future and what is in store for our children and children’s children.

How Predictable is the Future?

How can we tell where we are going to be if past predictions have stated we would likely be living on the moon and driving flying cars? Well it is true that some predictions are going to miss the mark but as Paleofuture shows, we have got it right a few times.

Futurology resources?

It is taking me a lot longer to build this site into the futurist paradise I intended it to be, but in the mean time, please have a look at some these great sites and resources, I intend to write more on each of these sites, but here is a reading list you might enjoy;

2045 Initiative

Acceleration Studies Foundation

Center for the Study of Existential Risk

Exponential Times


Future Leap

Future of Humanity Institute




IEEE Spectrum

Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies

Institute for the Future

International Antiaging Systems


Kurzweil AI

Life Extension Foundation

Millennium Project

MIT Technology Review


New Scientist

Next Big Future

Open Mind

Pew Research Center



Singularity Hub

Solve for <X>


The Machine Intelligence Research Institute


World Future Society

World Transhumanist Association